Warrior Soul και Beggars live στο An club


Warrior Soul και Beggars live στο An club

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Oι διαχρονικοί θρύλοι του acid punk - rock n' roll ήχου WARRIOR SOUL συναντούν το εκρηκτικό, παλιομοδίτικο, δυναμικό τρίο των BEGGARS, την Παρασκευή 27 Σεπτεμβρίου.
ΑΓΡΙΑ!!! Rock n' Roll βραδιά!!!!

Οι WARRIOR SOUL, η μπάντα του εμβληματικού και ακούραστου Kory Clarke που έγραψαν ιστορία την περίοδο των 90's, επιστρέφουν με το νέο 'Rock 'n' Roll Disease'!
ΤΙΜΗ ΕΙΣΙΤΗΡΙΟΥ: Ταμείο 11 ευρώ - Έναρξη 21:30

Warrior Soul come back to Greece with very exclusive shows in Athens and the X Street Mode Festival in Thessaloniki!! Comin’ in again with all guns blazin’ - Warrior Soul have a new record affectionately called 'Rock 'n' Roll Disease'. The Album is the follow up to last year’s very successful and critically acclaimed, raw and raucous 'Back On The Lash' release. "We went for the same feel as 'Lash' but honing it in more and picking it up a bit. ‘Back On The Lash’ was raw, fun and loose, this is too, but we are pushing it all over the top" says mainman Kory Clarke – Clarke is using the same writing and playing team in the studio as the ‘Back On The Lash’ release ensuring continuity and allowing him to keep hitting his current rich vein of form - If you wanna end your Summer rocking, go out and get a 'Rock 'n' Roll Disease' at the AN CLUB Friday September 27th! Check out some of the amazingly great international reviews from the new album!